Welcome to Mathwizard Tutoring

We are your local, young and friendly math tutoring service in Calgary. We offer a personalized approach to help your child achieve their math learning goals while still keeping it light and fun.

We work with students grade 1 to 8 and we follow Alberta Curriculum with the main focus on the individual needs of our students. We are part of a high-performance math program that have helped us develop specific tools to help students with the math learning process.

Important – as of now we offer math tutoring services within the New Brighton / Copperfield areas of Calgary and the meetings will take place at the student’s home or online. Send us a message on our contact form and let’s start a conversation. 

We make everything simple from the start – we meet, we introduce ourselves (credentials and references included), we discuss your expectations and we present you with a tutoring plan. If we are a fit we set a schedule and we start our magic.

We will give you weekly or monthly updates (your choice) on how your child is doing as we all need to work together for the best results. We will dynamically modify and adapt the tutoring plan based on the student’s advancement and needs.